Educational Grants

D.E.A.R provides several types of assistant programs to professional dancers. Currently we have three grant programs; Emergency Assistance Grant, Extended Educational Grant and our Career Enhancement Grant. We work closely with local unions, SAG & AFTRA, Dancers Alliance, professional dance agencies, dance studios, ballet companies, all dance media outlets. Consider us a social service for professional dancers. We also provide counselors, mentors and have an Extended Learning Program (ELP), staffed to assist dancers. Our staff assess one's level of academic achievement and implements individual mentoring plans with specific goals.

- We have partnered with the professional dance community to raise awareness
- We plan to host several annual events to raise funding
- We are committed to serving ANYONE in need regardless of race, religious or
political persuasion.

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Grants specifically for those returning to school. Scholarships, grants and programs to assist those wanting to complete a college degree.

Experienced professionals mentoring dancers in the business of dance. 

Gift Cards for healthy eating at local Whole Foods.


Grocery Assistance




Emergency/transitional shelter.

Resources for basic human needs. 

Chiropractic Adjustments for Dancers.

Alcohol Dependence Treatment

Drug Rehabilation Treatment


Health Services

Financial Services

Child Care

Resources for Spiritual Healing and Meditation. 


Resources for money management: Quarterly seminars from Financial Advisors.


Resources for the single parent in need of Child Care.


Metro / MTA 

Interim Transportation 

Dependant Eligibility

Dancer Dependants are eligible for benefits.